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Privatization of beach access
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Maricarmen Guilloty (66.50.159.---)
Date:   12-16-06 22:04

Flamenco beach access fight...

To the benefit of the people that are interested in this community
fight to defend their right to have free access to their beach, I`m
gonna star writing now and then to let you know what's going on with

Against privatization of muellecito beach access
Flamenco beach, Culebra

Hi, I`m the spokesperson of the group Culebrenses for FREE ACCESS to
their beaches. We-re a group of people that live in Culebra that
are protesting about the privatization of historical /public beach
accesses in Culebra. I want to explain briefly the situation of
muellecito (shark pen) beach access in flamenco beach...

That access is next to the east end of Flamenco lagoon and goes all
the way until it divides: on the left you go to east side of Flamenco
beach, and to the right you go to the old Navy Observation Point and
to the helipad (down the helipad there is an access to Resaca beach).
That beach access exist since Spain time and is what they used to call
caminos reales (royal roads), those caminos were public during Spain
time and when they Americans invade they respected what the Spaniards
designated as public... That access have been in public use for more
than a hundred years to get water (in the old times) and to come and
go from town and go to the beach. In 2005 Victor Gonzalez bought a
farm that is next to that access, first thing he does, closes both
access, the one that goes to flamenco and the one that goes to the
helipad... People right away stared protesting about the closing of
both access, but the muellecito beach access is the more important one
since that is the most used and is a culebrense tradition to celebrate
all kind of cultural and social activities in that area of flamenco.
Victor Gonzalez attempts to close this access includes: a gate, a
cement wall, planting endangered species in the middle of the access,
putting a bird watching tower in the middle, and now a huge manhole
construction box in the middle of the access... he has taken already 8
persons from the community with false accusations to court and has
lost all of them, except this last one with Pan Meibers, the surfer...
The American Civil Liberties Union of P.R. have taken three of the
cases including one of Pan cases with Victor Gonzalez I`ll explain
that one soon because very soon we,re gonna start a fundraising to
help Pan...

Ah, I also want to let you know that you can see some of the pictures
and my press releases in:
and in , the info is all in Spanish but is worth
to see the pictures...

Beaches are ours, Access our right!

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