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Hotel Kokomo review
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Francisco (
Date:   12-13-06 17:50

Hi all

I just came from Puerto Rico, I stayed for 4 days/ 3 nights in culebra and I have to say that it is a GREAT GREAT place if you want to relax. I enjoyed the people, the place, the food (Mamacitas was great and Jim, the waiter and very nice guy), the beach... All was great except from Kokomo hotel.

Kokomo hotel is just.... TERRIBLE, really, when I got there I couldn't believe it. I have travelled for 2 years in the rural India and Kokomo is the second worst hotel I have ever seen !!! I have only seen one hotel in my life worse than this one. I knew that price was cheap, so I did not expect much but I thought that being Puerto Rico part of USA there would be a minimum of quality that every hotel will have... well I was wrong, dont go to this place; at least my room was really really really really crap. Maybe the others are ok... I dont know that.

I was in room number 7, it was so dirty (even with blood stains in the wall), unhealthy, small, small, did I said small? with a bed that can not be called such thing, terrible.

Regarding the people attending to the customers in Kokomo (vacation planners) I met 3 girls in different days, the first one, who worked there Monday 4th Dec was very nice, the one working next days 5th and 6th Dec was not so nice but ok, but the one wotking there 7th Dec was terrible !! so unpolity, so rude, so useless, so "I will not help anybody here" that was unbelievable.

I am not writing this email just for fun, I am writting it just to advise people not to go there, because I would have appreciated if I have read an article like this before going. if anybody wants more details, pictures, or what ever can contact me on and happily I will try to share my experience with him.

Best Regards and enjoy culebra, it realy is paradise
Francisco Campins

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