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Is Spring Break crazy in Culebra?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Bjorn Estlund (
Date:   11-16-06 14:19

My girlfriend and I arrive in San Juan on March 17th, and depart on March 25th. This is our first trip to Puerto Rico, and we are thinking of spending a week on Culebra. Is this a crazy time to be there, as I'm sure some colleges are on Spring Break? Should we devote a week to the island, or are we better off spending more time on the mainland? Any advice is greatly appreciated.



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Re: Is Spring Break crazy in Culebra?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Eve (
Date:   11-17-06 15:47

I don't know what you are interested in, but if you want a relaxing week with some great snorkeling Culebra is IT!

We were there that exact week last year and it was pretty mellow for March Break-- perhaps because Culebra is not too developed. During the week it was pretty quiet, and on the weekend the big difference was all the Puerto Ricans from the main island coming over and hanging out at Flamenco and in the campground-- a great, wonderful festive bunch-- not obnoxious like March Breakers at all. The one thing that was a little difficult was getting a place to stay. You'd be well advised to reserve in advance.

At the very least I'd say you've got to spend a few days there. It's heaven. We also loved Old San Juan, a great place to walk around for a day or two (or more if you have it and want less beach time.) Enjoy your trip!

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Re: Is Spring Break crazy in Culebra?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Kayra (
Date:   11-19-06 09:31

You should be fine that week. In Puerto Rico "Spring Break" is not until April. Dubbed "Semana Santa" or 'Holy Week' it is when Holy Friday and Easter Sunday comes around that the young locals flock to the island's beaches and the Ferry to Culebra may become a teenage wasteland. ;)

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