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Backcountry Camping
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Mikael (
Date:   12-23-03 12:52

I'v heard that the "National Wildlife Refuge" status of the outlying islands precludes any overnight stays, but I was wondering if it's possible for two people in rented kayaks to find a beach either on main Culebra or one of the islands other than Flamenco to set up a tent for a night. Do any of the outfitters either rent kayaks overnight or offer overnight guided trips?

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outer islands
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: alex (
Date:   12-24-03 01:15

You Can't go on the outer islands that are wildlife preserves because there is unexploded ordinance on the Islands. The same is true for the whole peninsula NW of flamenco beach. Luis pena and culebrita would be ok as far as bombs go. Another good beach where it is cool to squat is beaches along the south and south westernside of the part of the island where soldiers point is. Its close to town and remoteat the same time. Just leave no trash and dont bring any unnecesary attention to the fact that your there.

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Re: Backcountry Camping
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: teresa tallevast (66.50.189.---)
Date:   01-11-04 05:54

PLEASE do not camp on any beach other than Flamenco, you can cause tremendous disturbance to wildlife that the islands and remote main island beaches protect. Enjoy Culebrita and Luis Pena during the day and leave them for the "residents" at night. Thanks. PR law prohibits camping on any beach other than Flamenco in Culebra and federal law prohibits camping on the Wildlife Refuge which includes all islands other than Cayo Norte. (also we are going to have a law enforcement officer checking areas at night and you don't want to get caught!)

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