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Day trip to Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Charles (
Date:   05-03-06 00:02

First time to PR and doing my research online and found this site/forum... looks like there are a lot of Culebra fans here so I am hoping for some good advices from you all.

Going next week with my family (with two kids 2 & 4). We will have a rental car for the whole week on main island and staying at Rio Grande. Thinking about taking a day trip to Culebra via ferry.

- is it possible to take the car onto ferry to Culebra, if so, is it advisable? I am hesitant to rent another car in Culebra because don't know if the cars there are big enough (also need car seats) for 5 of us.
- is Flamenco beach accessable by car? Given the time constraint, thinking just relax at Flamenco (based on an earlier posting by Dana and recommendations)
- what would be a good lunch place in Culebra for family? I saw posting on Juanita Bananas, LA BAHIA, Barbara Rosa's...which one is good for family with small kids (i.e., good food, not too crowded/bar scenes)...

I consider my family to be "well traveled" (this would be the 4th trip to the Caribbeans for my 4 year old and 2nd for the 2-yr-old, not counting when she's in her mommy's tummy!), but we usually stayed in one resort and don't go out that much....with all the exciting places in PR to visit, I want to be prepared so any advices would be appreciated!

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Re: Day trip to Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: JoseGuzman (
Date:   05-03-06 07:09

There is a ferry that takes cars to Culebra, however, I understand that reservations must be made with enough days in advance, and if you take a rented car into the ferry, at that moment there is not insurance coverage.
Even then, that ferry takes two hours each way, and for a day trip, believe me, you will be sorry for taking the car.
There is very little you can do in a day, see, Culebra's rithm or pace, is very slow, everything takes time.
My best advice is not to take the car, take publicos to Flamenco, enjoy the beautiful beach, have a snack there, and return close to 1500.

Capt. J.Guzman

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Re: Day trip to Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Frank (
Date:   05-03-06 08:46


A day trip to Culebra sounds wonderful ...

Do NOT take the cargo ferry with your car. Insurance is one reason, tough reservations is another, and I'm not even sure the cargo schedule would work for a "day trip". Instead, park in Fajardo (nice, safe lots within walking distance of the ferry) and take the passenger ferry.

Once on Culebra, grab a taxi to Flamenco. It's inexpensive and they are usually lined up at the ferry dock. The kids will love it ... and so will you!

For lunch you have several options. If you're having too much fun to leave Flamenco, you can get food at the kiosks at the beach parking lot. If you want to venture back into town, I'd recommend Barbara-Rosas. Laid back, casual, good food .. get the Shark Nuggets for the kids!

Have fun! Maybe others can offer suggestions ... you really can't go wrong!


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Re: Day trip to Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Date:   05-03-06 10:55

Charles, forget the ferry. Drive to the public ferry in Fajardo. Cheap. Call my taxi driver and caretaker, Angel, at 787-505-2246 and he will pick you up at the dock. I would say to spend the day @ Flamingo and have lunch in the parking lot kiosks. Barbarosas is probably closed until dinner. Angel can drop you off @ El Eden next to the boat yard for the best sandwich you will ever find. I would say to be there by 4:00 to eat and walk back to the ferry and catch a little of the flavor of Dewey.The ferry leaves @ 5:00 so be there on time. David

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Re: Day trip to Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Charles (
Date:   05-03-06 22:28

Thank you guys for your advices! I will leave the car at Fajardo.
I will eat anything so I won't mind the kiosks food, but am concerned for my little ones...Is it safe enough?
How far is Barbara Rosa from the ferry dock? Is it walking distance? How much does a taxi cost from ferry dock to Flamenco?
David, I appreciate your offer of Angel's service. But you know I am not planning to stay in town (although judging by the enthusiam of posters here, I suspect that would happen next time we come to PR)...I understand you own and operate a place on the island....for non-guest, how much would the Angel's service cost?

Again, appreciate all your input!

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Re: Day trip to Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: mymoosie (
Date:   05-04-06 14:36

Charles, we ate at from the food kiosk at Flamenco when we were there and had no tummy troubles. And our tummies are, shall we say, very sensitive.
The little ones can have probably have the "pollo pinchos" aka barbecue chicken kabobs.
Here's a photo of the menu at the kiosk:

Enjoy your trip!


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