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Bahia Marina restuarants
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Charlotte Burwell (
Date:   04-24-06 14:54

My partner, three year old son and I plan to come to Culebra in 3-4 weeks time for 4-5 nights and my thoughts on accomodation are very similar to those of author mmm112482 below me.

I am put off Costa Bonita by the fact that it seems that its restaurant may or may not be working and the anti local feeling. We would love a swimming pool so Bahia Marina could be a good bet but can anybody tell me anything about its restaurant? Someone told me it may even have a choice of two. Our son is very lively and we love to be able to put him to bed in the evening and enjoy a peaceful dinner at our accomodation. We do not eat meat but love fish and seafood. Would we be happy with the food available at Bahia Marina?
The other place I am considering is Tamarindo Estates. Any thoughts on this accomodation?

Also can anyone recommend a jeep rental company that can supply a jeep with a child seat. Is a hard top advisable?

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies with any helpful information.

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