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Bahia Marina & Other Culebra Top Choices
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: mmm112482 (
Date:   04-24-06 12:42

Hi All,

Please bear with this post, I know its long, but I am on the verge of finalizing my culebra plans for August (i have allready booked Fajardo & Old SJ!!)...and I just can't seem to pick a palce to stay on Culebra!! Thanks in advance for ANY help.

I am looking for some unbiased information on Bahia Marina. It appears to be brand/fairly brand new, thus it seems not much information (reviews, etc) exists on-line (including this forum!). I will be staying on Culebra in August, and am looking for an "above guesthouse" accomodation, if that makes sense.

The options I've considered thus far include:

1. Bahia Marina (See above)
2. Club Seabourne: At first, I was very eager to stay here. Then I read multiple negative reviews. Based on impressions, it seems that at some point in time, CS was the place to stay, but has since declined. Reports of aging facilities, overpriced accomodations, and questionable room conditions for the price paid, seem to be common throughout the reviews I've read. I still have not ruled out CS entirely though.
3. Tamarindo Estates: I've read some negative reviews regarding the condition of the villas, its location (road condition).
4. Costa Bonita: I was first drawn to this place because it seemed like a resort, but the more I read, it appears it is not fully open yet (still?? can anyone substantiate this), and it is rather expensive.
5. A guesthouse. There are a lot. Is there one that is exceptionally nice??

*Also note that I am inclined to stay at a place with a generous cancellation policy, which Bahia Marian and Costa Bonita both seem to have. I'm planning my trip for I need the option to back out in case of storm*

I understand that Culebra is not the place to go if you're expecting a world class resort. I am just use to a certain level of accomodations, and while I don't plan to spend much of the day in a room anyway,

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Re: Bahia Marina & Other Culebra Top Choices
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Gary Eichelberger (204.248.83.---)
Date:   04-24-06 14:24

resort-style accomdations are not plentiful in Culebra. It is amore of a rustic place and accomdations reflect that. TO go a little fancier, you could possibly think of visiting Vieques instead, although I think Culbera is a nicer place overall. Others acn speak to the specifics better than I but my impressions on visiting bahia Marina were positive. nver stayed there though. Seabourne still semed quite nice when I visited last year - every place in Culebra probably has some issues though. Tamarindo's raod was fixed when I was there last year - it was a dream comapred to previous condition. Costa Bonita seems widely despised by locals, and there are some questions about whether the place exploits the island offereings for short term gain.

check out real estate rental listings with Pelican Enterprises for some nice homes to rent. Also, I have often stayed at Harbourview Villas, individual open-air cabins perched on hill with decks overlooking Bahia Sardines and the dock. Great view. Nice breeze. Pretty quiet. Junanita Bananas restaurant just up the hill is terrific. (on-site) You must like open-air (no A/C) and not mind lack of water pressure to appreciate this place. see

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