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The current weather in Culebra

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Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: j (
Date:   04-21-06 16:04

Well the wife and I returned recently from a fantastic week on Culebra, and are still experiencing withdrawals. In large part our great experience was due to the hospitality of Molly & Jerry at Casa de Helado. I've actually read a couple posts with negative things to say about the island and these good people in response to the nay-sayers is that you shouldn't have been on this island in the first place. Those of you who appreciate Culebra for what it is, you know who you are. The rest of you please stay home.

We were VERY well taken care of at Helado. The rooms were cool & clean and the hospitality was first-rate. Their recommendations for food, diving, etc. pointed us in the right direction as it was our first time on the island. Also, when they were available they drove us to the beaches, which they were under no obligation to do. They also took us on an outstanding fishing excursion in their boat...king mackeral and barracuda were just part of our haul. We also did plenty of snorkeling in beautiful places, which they knew very well. By the way, Molly is a top-notch chef and prepared easily the best meal we had on the entire trip, old San Juan included. If you're lucky enough to have her cook up your fresh catch, do not miss it. We enjoyed just hanging out with them throughout the week, and hope to stay in touch. Simply put, they are caring people, and have become a part of the community there in just a short time - the locals respect and welcome them, and you can't get a better reference than that.

With hospitality like that, in addition to the perfect weather, it was exactly what we needed after a long Chicago winter. Best to you Molly and Jerry, we plan to see you again.

J Smith

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