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Casa de Helados.... Molly & Jerry's place
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: JOHN SAJE (
Date:   03-06-06 07:16

Our experience: Nice bedroom and bathroom. Shower (in the two days we were there) didn't have warm water. The sink does. If you like very cool showers, then this is where you should stay. No pressure in the water line. If you're a women with lots of hair, forget about trying to get the shampoo out! With little pressure, you could have to spend hours getting out the suds.

One doesn't go on vacation to watch tv.... but at night when you're settled in and want to see local news, sports, or what ever, we do. It's nice to catch up on the latest ball game, or local news, or.......... Our room had a dvd player. The other suite did not. M & J have lots of movies. Old & new. TV was a 14inch and difficult to see from our bed.

Kids love TV, Movies, MTV or similar, video games or...... poor kids, we wonder what they did for entertainment at night. There was nothing for them in their suite. (They probably got to see some movies, once we left).

If you plan on getting groceries from the Happy Landing area (by the airport), they have a few basic provisions, sandwich meats, some bread, pop, milk, coffee, etc., but not much variety if you want anything more than that. I'm not sure what's in town, but we couldn't find one open after a day on the beach.

To be continued..... see next section

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