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Scooter versus Jeep
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Ram (
Date:   03-05-06 13:07

I used this forum extensively before the trip. Thank you all.
Here are some comments to help you plan.
Your choices may vary dependign on your budget.
We consider ourselves moderate spenders, willing to spend $90-120 for hotel per night and $15-30 per person for dinner. This was our FIRST trip.

========Scooter versus Jeep========
We rented the scooter from Culebra Scooter Rental (inside the airport)
Evonne (spelling ?) and Carlos run this place. $40/day (everything included) and $35 each extra day. Evonne is wonderful, she picked us up from our gesthouse.

Unless you plan to carry a lot of gear, I think scooter is just fine ! I am 6'1" feet and gf is 5'8". So I think the scooter is slightly smaller, but it was great fun ! If you are shorter, it is a perfect choice. We rented for 3 days, went to Fleminco, Zoni and all over the island. We went to several restaurant at night. Some people have mentioned that scooters are not suitable for going to Zoni beach. Yes, there are some steep slopes. For downslopes, I asked gf to get out and rode it myself for the 30-100 feet downslope. This happened 2 or 3 times. For upslope, the scooter is fine.

We carried our towles, cameras, food easily in the scooter storage compartment. We carried snorkelling gear by placing it between the two of us, pretty safe.

The tank of was nearly empty when we returned the scooter, when we filled up gas, the cost was .. $3.00 ! Jeep for the same duration (about $45 for a day, $65 for 24 hours) would have cost over $150 plus gas.

When you rent the scoooter, make sure you will comfortable with the balance. Drive for a few minutes. I had to exchange the scooter because the first one seemed to make left turns very difficult.

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Re: Scooter versus Jeep
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: JOHN SAJE (
Date:   03-06-06 09:46

Remember where you're going....... you're first clue will be when you start looking around you for information..... Jeep is the way to go!

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