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Cuebra Vacation & Costa Bonita
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: JHC (
Date:   03-05-06 11:39

We have just returned from 2 days on Culebra. I thought I would share a few details.

We drove to Fajardo to take the ferry. Rt 3 (este) to Rt. 195 to the Embarcadero. Overnight parking is available and reasonable (~$10). The ferry ride is ~1hr. The sea was rough and a number of folks were sick. We did not get sick but we needed to sit at the ferry dock on Culebra and recover.

The Culebra trip was pretty last minute and I really did not do a lot of investigation as regards accomdations. We ended up at Costa Bonita. There have been other comments about Costa Bonita in this forum and I wish I had searched it before I made reservations. I will try to be balanced here.

Plus Side
+ Large beautiful rooms. Airconditioned with tiled floors and bathrooms.
+ Fairly well equipped kitchettes.
+ Very clean.
+ Beautiful view of the bay.
+ Really nice ocean side pool.

Minus Side
- Severely understaffed. No one on duty after 8:30pm. If you lose your key or have an emergency, you're on your own.
- Telephones in rooms are non-functional.
- Very far from town. You need to rent transportation.
- Restaurant is closed so you must cook in your room or go to town to eat. Supposedly the restaurant is open on the weekend.

Costa Bonita could be a decent place but they need to get through their financial difficulties. Should not be charging resort prices for what they deliver.

Flamenco beach was beautiful. Sun is very hot so I would recommend plenty of sunscreen and a sunshade. Lounge chairs and umbrellas are for rent ($5 & $7/day). The water and scenery were breathtaking. Very relaxing and peaceful. Bought some inexpensive goggles in the beach parking lot did a little exporlation of the shallow reefs. Beautiful fish.

Took the 6:30am ferry back to Fajardo. This is too early to return the Jeep so they will allow you to leave it at the ferry dock. When we got there all the spots were full, so I parked on the street opposite of the dock where I saw other cars parked. This is a no-no and I am informed I got a $25 ticket.

Bottom line - Next time I will do more homework. I would go back but will invetigate villa rentals. I would also make some time to go out to Zoni Beach and try to do some hiking. I know the tcket was only $25, but I am feeling a little victimized.

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Re: Cuebra Vacation & Costa Bonita
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Susan Ballinger (
Date:   03-05-06 14:30

How far was Costa Bonita from town? We are planning a trip to Culebra in July and have been considering this resort. Thanks for your information-looks like we need to change our minds!!

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Re: Cuebra Vacation & Costa Bonita
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: mymoosie (
Date:   03-05-06 15:58

We too had originally looked into Costa Bonita, but ended up switching to a smaller inn prior to our trip because I did not a get good gut-feeling from the staff I spoke making our reservation. We were happy we did switch.

We were in Culebra 3/2-3/4 and we drove out to CB to check it out. We thought it was a pretty far drive to town, especially at night where the roads would be dark and a bit curvy with the water right next on your right hand side in some parts. You would have to be careful driving.

If you are looking for a more luxe accommodations, look into Club Seabourne. We ended up eating at their restaurant for dinner twice, and we were impressed with the service and the property. On our future trips to Culebra we will either stay at Palmetto Guest House (which we thought was spartan, but absolutely wonderful) or at Club Seabourne. Club Seabourne is running some excellent specials on their website.

I will post a trip report soon. Happy planning!


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