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Island Hi-Speed Ferry
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Mark J. Hagopian (
Date:   02-08-06 15:58

Manuela wrote on 12-18-05:

"Lo siento Mi hija. The ferry you are talking about is based in block Island one of many foreign non Culebrense business posing like they have a coonection here. Cuida linda."

I am one of the owners of the Fast Ferry. Ella es muy incorrecta. Ella no tiene los hechos. She is very wrong and does not have the facts straight.

Our company does in fact operate between mainland Rhode Island and Block Island in the summer. We operate between Old San Juan - Culebra and Vieques in the winter. We are not "posers". We are the real deal. We are officially sponsored by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, a division of the Puerto Rico Department of Economic Development.

Block Island is the same size as Culebra. It is common for "islanders" to distrust anything "mainland". I should know I am a Rhode "Islander". It is an all too common and unfortunate attitude.

Have fun! Life is too short!

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