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Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Doug (
Date:   12-27-05 12:26

I am having a tough time understanding some of the mean-spirited posts I have seen here for the past several weeks. I can hardly believe that the great folks, both Culebrenses and visitors, who I've come to know would say these things.

I realize that people can have honest disagreements. If the dialogue remains civil, this forum could be a great tool to educate ourselves on opposing points of view, for the betterment of all. But there are some folks here with a bone to pick, and it's poisoning this informational resource for the rest of us.

Some of the flames seem to be toward keeping Culebra from becoming a commercialized pigsty. I support that position, as well, but not by attacking the businesspeople of Puerto Rico in the nasty way that I've seen in this space. Showing people a better way is always more effective than attacks. Let's talk about how everyone's self interest is served if we work together to keep Culebra from turning into another Cancun. If you want support for your position, stop attacking and start educating and persuading.

The other thing I don't comprehend is the attacks on our host, Michael. The guy has done a great job of making this website a success. He has been very patient with people who apparently aren't familiar with net etiquette and who spam the boards. I've also seen him calmly deal with people who apparently don't feel he should be providing this business service. I'd be interested in hearing your civilly-rendered objections.

Before, I had many mis-steps and snafus trying to enjoy my Culebra trips. This was because I had to learn stuff by trial and error. By hosting this forum for sharing info, many have been able to avoid the same problems.

If someone has a bona-fide problem with this board, or a business in Culebra, or me for that matter, they would be wise to discuss that complaint in a civil manner so that actual progress could be made rather than just hateful ugliness.

C'mon, y'all - let's do our part to live up to Culebra's friendly reputation.


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Re: Flaming
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Tami (
Date:   12-28-05 08:04



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Re: Flaming
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: (
Date:   12-28-05 08:41

I second this motion.


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Re: Flaming
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jean K. Rosselit (
Date:   12-28-05 14:24

Thank you. Having never been to Culebra I have depended on this forum for nearly all of my vacation arrangements and would be lost without it. I have continually been impressed the the courtesy and helpfulness of those who post here to a total stranger asking multiple questions. Glad to see that the "flames" are few and far between. Can't wait to meet some of the people who have been so helpful! See you in January. Jean

Jean in Michigan

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