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Day Trips to Dakity
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: john smith (
Date:   12-21-05 20:34

Please excuse the post last night from
my huband Smitty, it was really inappropriate.
I know why he is frustrated. We are both
certified divers and love Culebra and Vieques.
We both hate to see the commercialization of
these wildlife reserves. Can't you be satisfied
with a restaurant or bar in town? If you loose the
beauty and naturalness of these escapes, you
will loose your most valuable asset. People
like us who come every year (almost) hate to
see paradise ruined. Let me close by saying:
Please think about what
you are doing and what message you are
sending to those of us who faithfully return to Culebra.
What about the people who live on their boats?
We don't need or want bushwackers and beer
on Dakity, we want it natural, wild, and peaceful.
We have spent a lot of time in Culebra in the past
10 or 11 years - we love it - the way it is.

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Day Trips to Dakity
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: luis grundler (
Date:   12-21-05 23:00

Mrs. Smiths i love culebra but think
a lot of people come every weekend from puerto rico spend
the weekend in dakity ,culebrita , las pelas, carlos rosario ,luis pena
they come with own boats , they made , B,B,Q , drinks ,beer ,a lot of
rom , wisky , and more and late they go home ......................
that is ok ............this people come to culebra and you cant stop
them .. they are from puerto rico ........they made big partys and you can't do nothing
if you love culebra move here and you see culebra al natural
your mine is very good ........ for your vacations
other touris like my job.......................

if you dont like my day trip dont come ok

if you go to vacation you want to do something diference ...............

my day trip isn't for you drink ........................

I have a service .........

if you take cruise ship you like the service why...... you pay for that
my customers pay for my service ......................

thanks Luis

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Re: Day Trips to Dakity
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Adela (
Date:   12-21-05 23:22

As an outsider to this conversation, I think it's unfair that people are trashing this business on the only active public forum about Culebra in cyberspace. The remarks, especially in a previous thread, are mean-spirited. They do not accomplish anything. It would be more constructive if those opposed to the day trip idea would actually talk to Luis, and help him ensure that he is making a living in the most eco-friendly way possible, and maybe help him make wise business decisions to preserve the beauty and spirit of the island.

I just think some of these comments - especially those on another thread - are poisonous, offensive, and simply unfair, but then again, that's just my opinion. Maybe I'm just sticking my foot in my mouth....


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Re: Day Trips to Dakity
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: sarah (66.50.189.---)
Date:   12-22-05 02:25

I agree with you, Adela, it would be nice if those that live there could work things out face to face rather than going this route. Calm face to face communication is always the best, in my opinion, no need for unpleasant posts like those. I think that is going to far.

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Re: Day Trips to Dakity
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Michael (209.208.195.---)
Date:   12-22-05 07:18


I think it is really a hard call to say getting on a boat, burning fuel, dropping an anchor and diving (and maybe having a beer or two afterwards) is "natural and wild", whereas getting on a boat, paddle around in a kayak and having a beer or another alcoholic beverage is not.

We all came to Culebra and thereby changed it. We are responsible for that change. To say the next person's change is bad and ours isn't ... hmmm.

How should the community determine what's good and what's bad? Bad for whom? Good for whom?

Everybody, please keep this discussion general and refrain from getting personal!

Enjoy Culebra!


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Re: Day Trips to Dakity
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: soraixa borges (71.196.36.---)
Date:   12-22-05 13:45

Ijust one to add one little comment to all of this, the day that i spent over there on Capt. Luis boat i saw him sending an employee to the water cause a plastic cup blow out of the plattaform but not just that i saw him going around in his kajak picking up anything that not belong in the water and not just from his boat also for anything that fly from other boats i guess that is another way to preserve the wild live of Dakity.A'm sure Mr. Smits never pick up any can or garbage from the water when he is diving I belive before you throw your first rock reflect about your self.

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Re: Day Trips to Dakity
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: john smith (
Date:   12-22-05 17:30

Good for you! Does your sensitivity include the
biggest eyesore on the reef. Take a second look,
and if you don't sense the violation of natural
beauty, you must be related to Mr. G. Natural
settings and natural wonders deserve a little
respect. I repeat, this kind of yahoo! business
is inappropriate if not illegal. Mr. G uses the weekend
invasions as an excuse for his operation. That
won't get him too far with an Island who's main
feature is "a real virgin island" The locals don't
appreciate mass invasions. While somebody is
blindly trying to serve a "special market", he could be
killing off the steady type of tourist that Culebra
relies on. If you really care for Culebra you will
understand what is and isn't good for Culebra. How
about environmental impact?

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Re: Day Trips to Dakity
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: luis grundler (
Date:   12-22-05 19:01

mr .Smith i dont stand why you fight with me....................

you dont now were i am located in dakity.. what i do
why you dont fight with the catamaran come to fajardo
with 50 persons they go to flamenco ,culebrita ,carlos rosario
spend the day and back to fajardo that catamaran have bar
and service food too ......................................................
they come some time everydays ...........................
that customers no spend a penny in culebra ..............
fight with them no with me..............
i am local ...and live here and i care culebra
iam stay all time here in good season and bad season
i dont do nothing bad ................................
if you want stop my operation first star with this people........
is that company do that . i can do it ..what is the diference
if you go to icacos ,palominitos ,palominos
is about 10 diferent catamarans and power boats
they do same like me ......
you think culebra is a other country you are wrong
culebra is from Puerto Rico
we have the law in culebra

you think the people from culebra cant do that.. only americans company
if you think that keep in your house and found another island
people like you dont think in culebra people...... only in your vacations
a lot of people from here study and are smark.......
for you coments we need service only for you....
we have kids in this island you dont thinks if that kids learn
about touris in the future they work in this........................

think in that , think in culebra . no think only in your vacation
here we can work for care culebra and protect the island
we have a lot of problems in culebra ..........

were you think the uses water go dont now ...... I now..
that is more important .......

if you want fix culebra and keep culebra and work for culebra
come move to culebra and help us to keep culebra clean
you cant do it by computer.....................

clean your house first ............................

att. Luis Grundler

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Re: Day Trips to Dakity
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: john smith (
Date:   12-22-05 21:30

Mr. G. are you saying that because others
people do it, you should be able to do it?
Well others are also trying to save Culebra
for what it really is - a Paradise! Why
don't you do like they are doing - trying
to stop a yokel mentality from creeping in.
Instead the only thing important to you
is "I have the right to do it". Maybe we should
ask other travelers/guests what they think.
Do you think this is a good idea for
Culebra wildlife refuges? Do you think it will
attract more traditional tourists who stay overnight
or more party-hearty weekend-warrior types.
Will people who spend all day getting sloshed
at your bar still feel like going out at night
or will you be open all night too! Why don't you
do a water taxi like everybody else and let nature
be for real nature lovers and if you want a restaurant
or bar so bad, go rent one. In my opinion low sales
will send you a message, too bad you couldn't wake
up yourself.

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Re: Day Trips to Dakity
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Tatakiwaki (
Date:   12-22-05 22:09

Mr. Smits , yes we should all be concern with how an activity whether or not it is for monetary purposes pollutes our environment. This forum for example is a great polluter, and it is so because it’s basic flaw is that it is based on opinions, mostly not corroborated, instead of being factual. Personally I do not know Mr. Grundler or what he is trying to accomplish , but certainly he does not even come close to being guilty of polluting if he swims after cups that fall in the water. Let us talk about the great polluters, please!! Let us start with the U.S. Military, that starting approximately during the early 1900, has dumped millions of pounds of explosives on our beaches, reefs and landscape inhibiting our generations to come from enjoying our island. Yes Mr. Smits, your military. Why don’t you waste your time writing to your congress person to set aside some funds to clean up the mess they left behind over here instead of riding your white horse telling Luis he is wrong. Why don’t you tell Mr, Fischer he is breaking the law every time he flushes his toilet in Dakity?

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Re: Day Trips to Dakity
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: john smith (
Date:   12-22-05 23:48

Bravo! There are all kinds of pollution.
This site will go down when businesses
quit financially supporting it. Now is the
toilet of Mr. Fischer polluting the water
worse than his electronic pollution? They are
both bad. Just like the plastic cup Mr.G so nobly swims
after and the toilet he flushes from his polluting bar.
Not only does his boat pollute the waters from waste,
the mere presence of his beer signs is an offense
to the ambience of a beautiful serene bay. If
he wants a bar let him rent town. Why doesn't he
start a regular water taxi business. Once you turn
Dakity into a party zone, you will have lost the real
attraction for Guest House Tourism. Without a real
paradise to attract, all will be lost and the biggest
loser will be the Culebrense who have crafted an incredible
record of stable tourism based on real hospitality.
To love Culebra we must all respect it and help protect it.
People like us may not always agree but the real offenders
are not going to win and we are not going to shut us up.
Let's take a poll, all in favor say Aye! All who think it's a bad idea say Nay! Sorry the Nays have it, (by my count). I agree on the Navy.

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Re: Day Trips to Dakity
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: luis grundler (
Date:   12-23-05 00:14

mr. smith am not stupid your not a diver you arnt a tourist , you live here i now
i finish with you in this forum.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
found a job , found a hobby
think .......we have tv .inter-net you enjoy this .......
what you want for you kids close in the closed you mine

last post Luis Grundler

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Re: Day Trips to Dakity
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: john smith (
Date:   12-23-05 00:38

I'm coming to Culebra after the
Holidays. If you are still in business
I'd love to see your bar first hand. Right
now I'm relying on info from an e-mail

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Re: Day Trips to Dakity
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Tatakiwaki (
Date:   12-23-05 05:38

Mr. John Smits, you are absolutely right, it is the businesses that financially support this site that are the guilty party. All polluters are equally bad, right again. Dakity has always being a party zone if you did not know. I have party there so many times, without causing pollution, of course. Well the real offenders like the Navy got away with it. You say Nay wins but you say Aye to the largest of offender, the Navy. Am I right??

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Re: Day Trips to Dakity
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: JoseGuzman (
Date:   12-23-05 05:47

Culebra belong to the people of Puerto Rico.
Where do you want the RED CARPET ...
What you are looking for is in St. John, USVI go there.

Capt. J.Guzman

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Re: Day Trips to Dakity
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: john smith (
Date:   12-23-05 12:13

The North Americans that I have come to
know who visit Vieques and Culebra on
a regular basis (snowbirds like me) are
anti-war types (generally). We seek
escape not only from our winter snows
but an escape to a real paradise . Although
I own a small piece of land in Vieques with a
friend, I have become very fond of Culebra in
the last 10 years or so. My favorite restaurant
was Tina' (now closed). My wifes favorite
is Mamacita's. The bombing by the Navy
was not only an atrocity on nature but on
a peaceful Island community. Although my
Country was guilty of this senseless destruction
I am aligned with and proud of the Americans
who joined with the Culebrense to stop it.
There are good, kind and reasonable people
everywhere, they want to relax with real people
like the people of Vieques and Culebra. Thanks for the
info on the "wall" Go take a look at that floating
bar, I would respect the judgement of a concerned

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