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Re: Place To Stay
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Megan (128.104.47.---)
Date:   09-07-05 16:37

We arrived on the island a day ahead of schedule, and the only accomodations available were what the folks at Vacation Planners apologetically informed us were the "dregs" - no air conditioning, outside of town, etc.

This place was WONDERFUL. I cannot speak highly enough. We were on a very small budget, but decided to conserve, cook in-house, etc, and cancel our previous hotel reservations to spend the $90 per night that the tiny "Casita" at Tres Amigas cost. It was just a room with small stove, sink, refrigerator, tv and bed (but very clean, cute, and bohemian-inspired!)....but we didn't spend any time in the room as compared to the time we spent out on our balcony overlooking the valley just a bit outside of town. Fresh mangoes falling out of the tree next door, massive palms overhanging the balcony, quiet street below the hill we were perched on totally obscured by all of the flora, heat of the day totally tamed by the constant breeze (we even turned off our ceiling fan at night, this in mid-july!). I travel a fair bit and have never had such a magical lodging experience.

The Casita was larger than a lot of the hotel rooms on the island that we have seen. If you are looking to spend $100 or less each night....I have to tell you - ask Vacation Planners about the tiny orange casita at Tres Amigas.

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