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Re: Sharks!!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Doug (
Date:   07-10-05 09:26

Since 1994, I have visited Culebra at least once a year. I snorkle 4-6 hours a day, every day, when on-island. I have seen 3 sharks in all that time. The first, and largest, was a 6 - 7 foot nurse shark off Tortuga beach on Culebrita. It was resting in a cravasse near the cliffs on the extreme left or southwest corner of the bay. It was lying in a current, with several remoras attached and quite a few other fish facing the same way, swimming against the current and seemingly in formation. I couldn't decide whether to be afraid or not, since nurse sharks have a reputation as being docile and their look is so much less fierce than their cousins. As I tried to swim around the rock shelf to get a broadside picture, it detected me and shot off in a hurry.

The other two sightings were also nurse sharks, both about 3 feet long. One had been spearfished by some folks anchored at Carlos Rosario on a boat from Fajardo. The lady I was with, whose Spanish is better than mine, raised hell with the guy for violating the no fishing zone. The other 3-footer was sighted under a coral head on the west side of Luis Pena, very shy and uncooperative to our wish to get a good look.


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