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Wyndham El San Juan
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Lisa Hartman (
Date:   05-01-05 21:36

I am traveling to Puerto Rico the end of May. I have booked the Marriott near Condado b/c I've been there before and enjoyed my stay. A couple of guys that I work with stayed at the Wyndham El San Juan. They told me that this is the place to stay, however, when I read some reviews, a couple of people complained of dirty rooms, some rooms have no air and that it can get very crowded. They said that cruise ships passing by will dock there and lots of people will crowd the hotel for hours. Is this true? I'd like some opinions. Thanks.

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Re: Wyndham El San Juan
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: JM (
Date:   05-01-05 21:44

We stayed at the El San Juan for one night in March. A can of cleaning stuff was left on the bed table, and the phone was extremely filthy. The room itself was okay. The staff at the hotel were nice, but all in all we were not that impressed with the place. We recently had occasion to stay a couple of nights at a Marriott in Florida and we were extremely impressed. We'll probabaly choose to stay at the Marriott in San Juan the next time we pass through.

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Re: Wyndham El San Juan
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: howard urban (
Date:   05-08-05 10:52

I'm not sure if your looking for an ocean side hotel or just a place to stay, but one time when I was there my company placed me in the Hampton Inn. (In isla verde, across from Lupi's) The staff was very friendly, the room service was excellent, I came back from work and all my clothes that were outside of luggage were put on hangers. The food at their pool bar is good. (try the churasco) I had no complaints and would stay there again. Plus it's across from Lupi's (Very good food and service, excellent nightlife kareoke and live bands)

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