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marina slips
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Richard johns1 (
Date:   03-29-05 21:11

Question to Jose Gutman, I plan to arrive in the Fajardo area in December on my 41 foot ketch. Could you suggest a marina where I could lease a slip for 6 mos. that was sailboat oriented, and also comment on a boat yard for haulout during the hurricane season? I also am a 100 gross ton USCG licensed captain on my eighth renewal. and recieved my original license endorsed for Puerto Rico and the V.I. as a result of running a freight boat between San Juan and Charlotte Amalia and Christionsted. Capt. R.

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Re: marina slips
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: JoseGuzman (
Date:   03-30-05 05:16

Call Villa Marina 787 863 5131, or Puerto del Rey 787 863 1000, there is also Isleta Marina, I do not know their number, another option is in Palmas del Mar 787 852 6000, ask for the marina.
These marinas all have places to put your boat on dry, but it will do good to ask, since there may be limited space due to other boat owners asking the same.
I think, if a hurricane was to hit us, Villa Marina's first slips, and Puerto del Rey too, would provide " good protection ".
Do you think there may be some good water inlets that may provide relative good protection too... I have been to La Chiva in Vieques, it was also called Blue Beach, well... after that inlet going east, there is a good inlet that may provide shelter, I have never been there, but I remember seeing it on the chart. It may be shallow, though. IN Culebra you have the mangrove area, that maybe can provide shelter too.
If you need any other help, feel free to contact again.


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