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Culebra Report: March 17-23
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Aaron (
Date:   03-25-05 12:07

We just got back from Culebra and I thought I'd give my impression of the island.

Places to eat:
1) Bahia Marina: This place was awesome, great food, great service, prices werent bad. Definetly eat there!!!!
2) Mamacitas: Great atmosphere. Good bar, food is ok- kinda pricey. Service was good. I'd eat there again.
3) Barbara Rosas: Good food, great prices, looooonnnnggg wait. There are only 5 tables and the one lady does everything. I would probably eat there again. BYOB
4) Juanita Bananas: Nice setting, expensive food, food was OK. If you get the chicken you have to wait 40 minutes! It was alright, but I'd only eat there if I was tired of every place else. BYOB
5) Dinghy Dock: Neat setting, bartender was nice, but waitress was NOT. Food was ok. It seems like a place the locals enjoy, but maybe not so much for tourists.

Things to do:
1) Take a trip to Culebrita. Tortuga was the nicest beach in all of Culebra, and also the spot I proposed to the greatest girl in the whole world!! You can snorkel on the other side too. It was a lot of fun.
2) Snorkel at Carlos Rosario and Tamarindo. These were good spots for snorkeling, but not good if you just wanna lay on the beach.
3) Flamenco was a really nice white sand beach, unfortunately when we were there there were a couple thousand people, but other than that it was nice.
4) Drive to Zoni and find a private spot on the beach.
5) Pretty much every beach on Culebra has something to offer. We didn't make it to Melones or Punta Soldado, but they seem like they'd be good places for snorkeling too.
6) We rented a car from Jerry for 3 of our days there. Jerry provided a great overview of the island, he took us on probably a 30 minute tour plus gave us a pretty good map too. It was $50 a day and nice to be able to jump in and go where you want. The 3 days before that we just took a taxi wherever we went. It was $2 per person each way. If you want you really good go whereever you wanted to on the island, except for Zoni, just using a Taxi-but a car does give you some freedom. Carlos has new Jeeps, which looked nice. It seems like he had a ton of them though, so my guess would be if you want very individualized attention and to feel like you've got a friend on the island, rent from Jerry, if you want a nice new car, rent from Carlos. I would guess also though, that when you rent a brand new car, its alot easier to see a scratch or ding if you do something to it.
7) I would take the ferry from San Juan. We really thought we were going to die on our flight with Isla Nena. It was a nice view, but other than that I would't fly again.

Hope that helps. Have fun on your trip

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