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Culebra report March 5th-10th
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jeff Donatello (
Date:   03-13-05 08:39

It was interesting reading this forum then actually experiencing the island first hand.
Here are some thoughts
1. There IS surfing....awesome surfing just off the tank end of Flamenco beach.
2. Mamacitas is THE place to eat.....Bushwackers are toxic
3. Barbara Rosas makes the best onion rings around. Much props to a lady who does the entire show almost by herself (husband took money for five minutes)
4. Do stay at Tamarindo Estates. ....DO NOT RENT THEIR CARS! The caretakers were great. Snorkeling there was the best we found on the island. The pool is quiet and secluded. Check out the most massive bees nest I have ever seen behind the bath house there. Riccis was pretty good with great sunsets.
5. Do rent a Jeep from Carlos's Jeeps. New models. talked them down to 49.00 a day from 59.00 a day.
6. Do get the inexpensive and good sandwhiches from the little store south of the airport next to Happy Landings bar. Pan something is the name of it.
Great donuts too.
7. Do take a trip to Culibrita and spend the day on the opposite side of where they drop you off. This was the nicest beach I ever have seen (Tortuga is the name I think). Call Tamarindo Estates and ask for Galen. He charges 40.00 an adult with the kids free and you have him for the day. Nice guy, local and safe.
8. Bahia Marina looks like the up and coming hotel. New, great views good food.
9. Spend some time sitting at the bar at Mamacitas and talk with the locals. There are some definite characters there.
10. Dingy dock is great for breakfast and lunch. Feeding the fish was fun for the kids while they were eating.
11. I got bit by one Mosquito the entire time. My wife got bit five times in the airport as we were leaving. The little black bugs were a bit of a nuisance around 5-7 at night right on the water but a little bug repellant worked perfectly. Overall, BUGS WERE NOT A PROBLEM.
12. Do drive all the way to the helicopter pad but only if its dry. Hike to the military houses up there, climb on the roofs and feel like you are on top of the world.

Thats it from here. Back to a foot of snow in Maine.

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