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The current weather in Culebra

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Boat rentals
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Doug Cary (
Date:   03-06-05 13:32

Don't leave Culebra without renting a boat, or you'll miss the best part of the island. We (my wife & I) rented Butch's 18' vee bottom boat for a week, and had a blast visiting the nearby islands. We snorkeled and fished every day. It was beautiful. We snorkeled off Luis Pena, Culebrita, Carlos Rosario, and Tamarindo. Don’t miss Carlos Rosario. Butch and Jackie are great folks who genuinely care about their customer's experience. We've rented lots of boats on many vacations, and we're avid power boaters, used to our 24' pilothouse style deep vee. Beforehand we were a little anxious about what to expect from an 18-foot rental on the big water. Butch had the most comprehensive checklist and set of instructions that we've ever seen. He's a wealth of local knowledge along with being a great guy. The boat ran without a hiccup all week, part of which we had 4 people on board, as some friends stopped in. We had an unusually windy week according to all sources, and had no problem getting out either on one side of the island or the other. We especially enjoyed the freedom and seclusion from the groups on the commercial snorkel boats, not that it’s very crowded mind you. In fact the whole boating experience was not crowded, much to our delight. Butch provides the high level of service that we’re used to in the states. We would surely rent the same boat from Butch again.

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