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Kayaking & Biking in Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Aaron (
Date:   02-27-05 12:49

Thanks everyone for your help so far. I had 2 topics that I had questions on:

1) We would like to Kayak one day in Culebra. We were thinking of renting a kayak in town and kayaking to Luis Pena or maybe even Cayo Raton. I was wondering if anyone has ever done this before. We are pretty much novices, but adventurous and looks like something we would like to do. Is either island better for any reason. And would either of the trips be difficult or dangerous? Any info you could provide would be very helpful.

2) Originally I planned on renting a Jeep the whole time we were there. Since its kind of pricey, I've been trying to figure out what days we would really need a Jeep. The first day we are going to take the glass bottom boat to Culebrita. And another day we are planning on Kayaking. So that would leave only 3 more days. I know we want to go to Zoni one day too, and I know that would require a vehicle, but the other 2 days we will probably just go to Flamenco, Carlos Rosario, and some of the other beaches on the North East and East coasts. For those I figured we could probably bike to them pretty easily since we are staying in town and there are roads up that way. I would also like to go to the helicopter pad for the sunset one night. What do you think about biking to the Northeast and East coasts from town. Or should I just go ahead and rent a Jeep for 3 days?

Thanks again for all your help.

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