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Sharing taxi to Fajardo Feb 1st
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: kate holmes (
Date:   01-30-05 19:35

hi everyone--i would love any information that anyone may have on the cheapest way to get a taxi to farjado-we arrive at 9:15 on tuesday night-the 1st. if it is not possible to get a ferry to the island that late-where is a hostel or inexpensive place to stay in san juan. i was also wondering if you can camp in rincon--and if buses or trains are accessible and more affordable than taxis...does anyone know if you can rent private rooms from homeowners for extended periods of time in any of the beach communities--any replies by tuesday morning would be appreciated. thank you all-kate

hi everyone --my boyfriend and i are arriving tues. night the 1st of february. we fly into san juan-but would like any info on cheap places to stay around the island-especially rincon and culebra. we will have a tent-but don't want to be totally crowded

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Re: Sharing taxi to Fajardo Feb 1st
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: JoseGuzman (
Date:   01-31-05 05:34

If you cannot make a reservation, when you get here, enter any hotel ands ask for a QUE PASA magazine, there you will find info as to where sto stay.
They include phone numbers, and sometimes prices too.
Take a look at Isabela, in Rincon you'll find many hotels, but it is very rare to find one below 75.00 per night, good ones are around 125.00, and expensive ones over 150.00.
The public transportation in the main island you can say does not exist, with the exception of San Juan, metro area.
So... if you will be traveling a lot, better rent a car.
The ferry in Culebra leaves close 0900, and at 1330, there is other one in the evening but you may want to call the Ports Authority, their phone 787 863 0705, and in Culebra 787 742 3161.
In Culebra any decent hotel will cost you not less than 80.00.
There is Villa Boheme, Villa Fulladosa, Casa Ensenada, and some others listed in this forum under shelter. I will reccomend you make some calls, they will save you time.

Capt. J.Guzman

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