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Harbour View Villas
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Greg Markle (
Date:   01-04-05 20:30

We just returned from a trip to Culebra in December. Playa Flamenco has to be the prettiest beach we've ever seen! We wanted to post a warning, though, to anyone considering dealing with Druso Daubon at Harbour View Villas.

We paid in advance for a long stay at one of the Harbour View Villas. Big mistake. (There's a reason the Daubons make you pay everything by money order up front.) The place turned out to be uninhabitable. It was dirty, hot, falling apart, and sans air conditioning or even screens. Our son got 112 mosquito bites in one night and was completely miserable. We told the Daubons about conditions at their villa and asked for a partial refund. They would not give us any portion of the money back. They were completely unconcerned and said we should use more Off.

We moved to Culebra Beach Villas on Playa Flamenco, where the people were sympathetic about our dealings with Druso. They gave us an apartment for half price, and we loved staying there. We found out that Druso re-rented our villa while we were still in Culebra! (Our condolences to those folks.)

We lodged a complaint against Druso with the local police and tourist bureau. They weren't surprised, telling us that they had received many complaints before about Druso. The tourist bureau does not endorse Harbour View Villas. We'll probably never get our money back, but we wanted to warn others about having any dealings with this guy.

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Re: Harbour View Villas
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: julie (209.190.129.---)
Date:   01-05-05 10:14

I had a very nice experience at Culebra Beach Villas just a week ago and would recommend it to anyone. The place was bare-bones simple but clean and well-run, and the beach grill has good food and very nice owners (Velma and Willy). I hear good things about the condo-like property adjacent to Culebra Beach Villas as well (Villa Flamenco?) which looked clean and pretty. I have never dealth with Druso, but he has a nasty reputation on this board, which kept me away from his establishments on my recent visit.

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Re: Harbour View Villas
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Caribbean Expert (
Date:   01-08-05 00:20

Give your opinion greater visibility by posting it on as well as here. Looking at the reviews, I think Druso has been drumming up support from friends and having them write positive reviews on that web site.

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Re: Harbour View Villas
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Peggy McGill (
Date:   01-12-05 09:40

I'm so sorry you went through that! I had the same experience a few years ago. The minute I walked in I knew I was NOT going to stay there. He also would not give me the money back. I still decided to leave immediately. Ended up at Flamenco Beach also which is THE best place to stay!

It's a shame that no one in the town government or police has done anything about it, especially if they have received so many complaints. The advertising makes it seem like it's a wonderful place and it is a total DUMP and their attitude stinks! I remember walking through a garage full of junk to get to the "living" quarters.

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Re: Harbour View Villas
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Matt Walters (
Date:   02-02-05 15:04

As I posted on another thread...

... I stayed at the Harbour View Villas and had a wonderful time. I don't know if people have unrealistic expecations, were unlucky to have a bad time, or I was lucky to have a great experience, but I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind exchanging the "mint on your pillow" service for some seclusion, privacy, and an unparalelled view.

Anyone who has been to Culebra knows that there are mosquitos all around the island. I would also ask the gentleman who started this thread how his son managed to get 112 mosquito bites when HVV provide perfectly ample mosquito nets.

If anyone wants my my insight on the experience there, please email me. I discussed HVV with 2 other parties after my stay (before they left) and they emailed me and told me they had a good time also.

FYI, I am not "a friend" of Druso. In fact, I have never met him.

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