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Culebra in August
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: cynthia (
Date:   04-19-03 02:45

I called a hotel today to inquire about August and they said they didn't suggest coiming in August. Do they not want my business or is it really a bad time to come? Either way I plan on coming. Another it too long to stay a week? Any other ifo would be great.

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Re: Culebra in August
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: (
Date:   04-21-03 09:31

Cynthia, I'm not sure why the hotel told you not to come in August; maybe because is a bit warmer than in the winter? (I'm not sure why). The weather is still nice in August; according to "", last year the average temp was 83 degF with a low temp of 73 degF and a high of 92 degF. Come to Culebra and enjoy your week; a week is not too long either! Stay in our condo if you would like a place to stay and enjoy Culebra in August (visit us at


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Re: Culebra in August
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Carlos (
Date:   04-22-03 22:27

That's very strange, the only reason that I can think about why they didn't suggest to comming in August is the weather. Here at Puerto Rico the hurricane season begin on June and end on November but the hurricane "high" season( if we can call that way ) is on August-September.

Anyway there are a lot of accomodations at Culebra ( also a lot of people on the island for those days ) maybe would be a better idea if you try another hotel. Check the link "map", on this web site.

Finally if you enjoy the ocean, the sun, white sands, walking, snorkeling, fishing or nothing, a week it's not enough but if you asking me about getting around the island, remember that it's only 7 by 4 miles you can walk the entire island in one day...LOL...really, that's depend on what you are looking for.

I hope you enjoy staying at Culebra


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