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Re: hotel advice
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Debra (
Date:   03-23-03 18:36

Hello! Just returned Friday from spending a week in Culebra. The Culebra Beach Villas look fine from the outside, we passed by them one afternoon in a Publico leaving Flamenco Beach. One thing, it's not really within walking distance from the town but there is always the Jeep rentals and Publicos should you want to check out some of the town's gift shops, Mamacita's etc. As far as the expense....well each to his own, we stayed at a relatively new guest house named Casita Linda in town and found it to be comfortable (certainly not luxurious) but highly affordable! Adolfo has three different units to choose from. Our first morning he took us for a private boat ride and dropped us off at Carlos Risaro Beach...which was great! Only one downfall is that there tends to be a little traffic noise and of course the ever present roosters near the guesthouse...but they are every where on the island pretty much. If you do rent a jeep or Samauri check out "Jerry's Rental" next to the Aeruporte....hope this was helpful.

Have a great trip!

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