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Last doubts about my trip!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jose Tarodo (
Date:   03-21-13 00:08

First of all i have readed almost all the forum!

We are a couple from Spain going between 8 until 12 on April!

- We will stay all 4 nights at the camping of Flamenco... its 20$ per person or per tent??

- Can we buy/rent everything we need for sleep? tent, beds... its hard to know that from Spain! :)

- Im thinking about renting a car (Jerry┬┤s?) to find new places and also try to reach Culebrita :)

- There is 0 possibilities of finding a Safe Box there? To leave our money...because if we live at el camping it will be difficult!

I think thats all... pfffffff i hope we have good weather!

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Re: Las doubts about my trip!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Herb (
Date:   03-21-13 21:42

Jose, you will have a great time. The cost is $20 per tent.

If you fly from San Juan, you will most likely deal with "Tent City" which is one of the kiosks at the campground. If you search the forum, you maybe able to find his phone number. If you take the ferry, then you can shop in Fajardo at either K-Mart or WalMart.

Flamenco, Carlos Rosario, Culebrita and Tamarindo are enough for a 4 day trip. The publicos will meet your needs. Besides, it is difficult to drive to Culebrita. ;)

No Don't take anything with you that you can not afford to loose. Either bury your money someplace around your tent or put it in your swimsuit when you swim. Culebra is really safe, but don't give anyone an excuse to ruin your vacation. (As a side note, buy a cheap digital camera and leave your expensive one at home. Your trip will be more enjoyable if you don't worry about your camera.)

Peace out,

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Re: Las doubts about my trip!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Drew (
Date:   03-23-13 08:49

Hi Jose,

If you need to buy a lot of supplies, like tent, sleeping bag, cooking gear, etc., you should do that in Fajardo then take the ferry to Culebra with your supplies.

There was a post recently about a good driver from San Juan to Fajardo:

If your flight gets in to SJ in the morning, you should plan to get a ride to Fajardo in time to shop and catch the afternoon ferry to Culebra.

If your flight gets in to SJ in the afternoon, plan to get a ride to Fajardo, shop for supplies, spend the night in Fajardo, and take the morning ferry to Culebra with your supplies.

I would NOT plan to buy a lot of gear on Culebra. Bring it with you.

ps - if you can bring your supplies with you, that would be best. You do not need much else when you're there, a pair of flipflops, some shorts, a shirt and suntan lotion. All of THOSE things you can buy on the island!

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