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Re:, bus ?, reservations?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: DRB (67.199.182.---)
Date:   02-24-13 10:36

Hi Rue,

I have camped on Flamenco many times, just returned three weeks ago from a two week stay. March is my favorite time on Culebra. It gets very busy during Holy Week (Easter). The week prior to Holy week there wasn't too many people, and the week after Holy week I had the entire camp area to myself.

You do not need reservations for camping, there will always be space, even during the busiest times. The camp caretakers (Henry and Jose) are only in the office in the morning and early afternoon, so it will be difficult, to impossible to reach them by phone. Don't worry if when you get there that the camp office is closed. Just find a place in a designated camp area and set up your tent. The next morning go to the camp office and pay (usually they are there around 7:30 am). They will walk through the camp area between 6:30 and 7:15 am and leave notes on the "new tent arrivals" to pass by the office and pay.

I travel solo when visiting Culebra and have never had a problem with anything being stolen from my camp area. I do recommend that you keep your valuables, cell-phone, money, passport, out of site (Put them in a large ziplock bag and burry them, or place them under your tent). I also recommend, if possible, to make friends with persons camping near you so that you can all kinda "keep an eye out" to watch over each others things.

Culebra is my absolute favorite place for camping. You are soooo lucky to be going there soon. Enjoy ;0)

Dave B

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