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Re: Garbage
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: GEichelberger (
Date:   01-15-13 11:28

Ultimately the people who are are there everyday are going to have to care in order for the results to last and really matter. Last year I arrived at melones and a young couple was using the picnic table. By the time I unloaded my stuff, they had left in their car, leaving the table full of beer cans and paper plates and packaging, all of which blew off the table and around the grounds before they even pulled out. The trash can is practically right next to the table! How can people have so little regard even while enjoying the beauty of the place they are turning into a dump? It is all about attitudes, and all too often the attitude we encounter on main Island and even on Culebra is just the old "I don't give a crap". A few of these turds will ruin the beauty for everyone else. How hard is it to just throw your own trash in a can that you will pass on the way to your car anyhow. To me, this incident spoke volumes. There is a lot more to protecting the environment than saving coral reefs. Try teaching people not to litter as a start.

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