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Re: Garbage
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: JeffandMary (192.42.83.---)
Date:   01-15-13 10:12

We plan to be locals but aren’t yet. Thanks for your post, it is an important issue. Littering and a lack of recycling seem to be a problem everywhere. It is particularly distressing to see it in beautiful Culebra. Particularly because Culebra is not too big and there aren’t too many people so you would think it could be kept under control. I agree that there seems to be a definite lack of effort. Perhaps some kind of program can be organized by someone. I know a church group picks up litter along the beach. I have seen what looks like municipal employees picking up litter along the side of the road. I know money is tight. Perhaps some of the more well-off residents or visitors can finance someone who would be willing to put their time and organizational skills into assembling a crew that would be willing to patrol the island and pick up the litter. Perhaps they could be paid minimum wage or perhaps work four hours in the morning for a free lunch or something like that. Perhaps if someone knows someone on the big island and arrangements can be made with the cargo ferry, the old abandoned cars can be sent over for recycling. Perhaps when the crew isn't picking up garbage they could be boarding up and painting some of those abandoned houses. Heck, I would be interested in buying and fixing up one of those houses myself. The point is that if we want things to stay nice we have to put forth the effort to keep them that way. I imagine that most of the litter is from tourists. I think that it’s going to be up to the locals to keep things cleaned up. Even though we only visit Culebra for a week once a year we would be willing to spend a couple mornings or afternoons helping to clean up Culebra. Does anyone know if there are any organizations doing anything like this on Culebra?

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