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Re: Taz and Aquatic Adventures
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: NicoleW (
Date:   04-27-12 14:10

Ann, to say that my husband and I agreed to a snorkeling tour would be to say that my husband and I were ASKED if we would like a snorkeling tour. We were never asked and we were never given any options. Instead, I was TOLD by Taz that we were going snorkeling and for you to say differently is completely dishonest. Taz also said that he would not charge any extra for this and that he would feed us lunch. I told him that we had brought our own lunch, to which he replied, “Save it for tomorrow.” I then stated that we were leaving the next day and he said, “Even better.” I was trying, in the most polite way possible, to let him know that we were not on the same page.

In regards to us not SAYING SOMETHING, you knew that we were hiring you as a water taxi to spend the day on an island. When you realized that Culebrita was not an option for this, why didn’t you ask us if we would rather be dropped off at Luis Pena with our cooler, beach chairs, towels, and books? We would have happily agreed to this as we understood that you had no control of the situation with the high surf at Culebrita. Instead, Taz roped the boat off at a location that was conducive for the five scuba divers that were also on our boat. Since there was no offer of getting us closer to the shore of Luis Pena, we assumed that was not even a possible option and tried to make the best of snorkeling at that location.

By your own account – “We went to a second spot and you decided not to snorkel, to sit on the boat.” – I feel like it was very plain that we were not happy with the situation that we found ourselves in and yet you did not make any attempts to address this possibility. Life Jackets and noodles were not even mentioned until an hour later when the divers returned to the boat at the last stop and we were preparing to return to the dock in Culebra. Further, I find it laughable that anyone would think a noodle would provide any security for a person who was uncomfortable in the strong current at Carlos Rosarios that day. As I am not a strong swimmer, a life jacket would not have enabled me to fight the current any more than the dive vest that I was already wearing. My husband and I made a decision not to snorkel, at this location, based on our safety as the conditions were not conducive for our snorkeling abilities.

I do not believe in my heart of hearts that there is any way that you did not know that we were unhappy. You instead chose to ignore the non-verbal signs of our unhappiness and have put the blame on us for not confronting you. We should not have been required to ask you to bend over backwards for us. You are in the business of customer service and the service that we received that day was well below par. It was clear that when Culebrita was no longer an option, your top priority became the five scuba divers. You simply needed a way to appear that you were accommodating us when really you weren’t.

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