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Our first visit to Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Amanda Merchant (170.35.208.---)
Date:   04-24-12 18:38

Hi everyone! I have been reading up on things via this forum for over two months now, getting ready for our May trip to Culebra. We will be staying Monday through Friday and will be at the Seabreeze hotel. I have read so many negative things about this hotel but know that things are different from every perspective. However, I wanted to see and hear from locals and anyone that may have visited recently how their stay was. I have rented a jeep from Carlos jeep rentals, am trying to plan a day trip to the "big Island" to visit the Tropical Rain Forest and want things to be "just right" as they can be. Any words of advice to help prepare for our relaxation and adventure? I read that ATMs are usually without cash, is it safe on the island? During the week, will we have a problem catching the ferry to and from the "big Island" for our day trip? Thanks in advance for all the info and for taking the time to read my questions. We can't wait!!!! =)

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