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Re: camping
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: DRB (65.100.238.---)
Date:   12-20-11 17:28

Hi Danielle, I will also be in Culebra this March. This will be my sixth time visiting this amazing place. In the past, I've camped, stayed in a guest house and even once rented a home. To answer your questions as per my experience:
1: I really enjoy camping on Culebra. I spent two weeks last year at Flamenco camp ground and plan to camp there again this year. The grounds are clean, and well maintained. Last years cost was $20 per tent spot. The camp grounds have potable water tanks for drinking and cooking needs. There are outdoor showers and restrooms. The camp grounds have Kiosko's that sell great food, drinks and limited camping supplies (some even for rent). Flamenco Beach is approximately two miles from the ferry dock. There are taxi's etc. at the port. Rental vehicles, scooters, golf carts and bikes are also available. Although it may be a bit far to walk (with camping gear and luggage), I've walked back and forth to town many times. I'm a jogger, so I'd jog into town most mornings, just to get a few miles in. Note, you don't need a reservation for a camp spot. Just pay at the entrance to the camp ground and they will direct you where to go. If the Grounds building is closed (i.e. you get in late), just find a suitable spot, set up your tent and pay when it opens next day. Remember mosquito spray (ha).
2: You can experience the whole island without moving around between camping and staying at a rental (its all up to you). As I wrote earlier, I've tried both and prefer camping.
3: I camped on Flamenco last year during (Holy Week/Spring Break). The transformation of the camp ground during this time was fun to watch. Just prior to Easter weekend the campground was only moderately full, then, during that weekend the campground filled right up with families and kids (partying). Although it was a bit crowded, it was all fun. After Easter Sunday, all the "breakers" left and during that next week there were possibly only 20 tents in the whole camp ground.

Well, hope this was helpful. Maybe I will see you there :0)

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