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Culebra Snorkeling
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Atul (
Date:   12-14-11 13:25

My wife and I visited Culebra in December 2011 and we're really glad we booked this trip with Blue Culebra. First of all, the trainer, Wes, is very responsive (unlike many other companies there), friendly, and soft spoken. He has a vehicle and he picks you up at the ferry dock in Culebra, so no worries about getting around. We wanted to snorkel in the Flamenco beach, but since it was pretty rough that morning, Wes took us to an exotic beach called Tamarindo not very far from Flamenco. We geared up, Wes took us through each of the equipment and let us float till we were ready and comfortable. We snorkeled for about an hour and Wes swam with us showing fish, octopus, coral reef. He knows the names of almost 80% of the fish that we saw there. Then he dropped us back to Flamenco beach where we spent some quality time enjoying white sand and blue water on beach chairs for the rest of the day. For $35 per person and for almost two hours in water (you can do more if you want to), it was well worth it.

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