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Re: October Travel
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: James C. Williams (
Date:   11-15-11 16:21

I want to thank all who sent great info about Culebra. We had a FABULOUS time!!! As I mentioned elsewhere, the flight to Culebra was breathtaking (in a VERY good way). We were approaching the island and a rainbow stretched out from it as if saying "welcome to paradise"!

I rented our vehicle from Jerry's Jeeps and he was a huge help to us, givng us a tour of the island and advising us on where best to find sea turtles. The little Suzuki we had was perfect for us and ran great.

We stayed at Casa SuMarco (overlooking Bahia Ensenada Honda) and it was perfect for us. We had the small room to use for our bags and laptop, while the bedroom was very comfy with AC. Only problem there was that the phones did not work (take a cell phone, but only turn it on to call out).

We enjoyed delivery from Homeless Dog Cafe and ate twice at Heather's Pizza (Mamacita's was closed). Also shopped at Holistic Aimee's as well as the grocery stores and got all we needed.

Mosquitoes were a slight problem, but we had worse troubles elsewhere in the rain forest. I was enjoying myself so much that a few bug bites were nothing to complain about.

We snorkeled at Tamarindo, Flamenco, Melones and Zoni. Best was our first outing at Tamarindo (we were both newbies) where we swam with sea turtles!

We definitely want to come back and stay a longer time at Culebra. This was our first visit to Puerto Rico and we were taking in the rain forest near Maricao before Culebra and then San Juan after. Our return flight was also special, with a delivery to another airport that took us over El Yunque going to San Juan.

I'll be looking forward to any reason to go back to Culebra, as often as possible!

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