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Re: snorkling
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Vicki moore (
Date:   07-03-11 21:58

Just spent June 18-July 2 on Culebra. Did lots of diving and snorkeling. You can rent snorkeling equip at several places including right next to Dingy Dock, Culebra Dive Shop at ferry dock. $10/day. You can bring a disinfectant wipe and clean the mouthpiece if you choose.MELONES, is closest to town and is walk in. A couple to tables and parking there. Go to the right and find a sandy area to enter. Be cautious of sea urchins here. You will see some rocks protruding from the water. Snorkeling there is wonderful. This is just below a white 2 story house. Just go at low tide and it will not be as much of a surge. Wonderful seafans, corals, gorgonians, fish, octopus, etc at this site. LOVED this site and it rivaled what I saw diving the wall at Carlos Rosario.
SOLDADO (Soldiers). Rather rough getting back to it but some really good snorkeling including rays, octopus, various corals, squads of squid, etc. From the parking area go to your left. Find a less rocky area to enter and them swim to your left. Be cautious of the currents at the point, especially at high tide. You will also see some coral propagation areas where hard corals are mounted on pvc pipe. This will be sitting on the bottom and is a research attempt to the best way to save staghorn corals.
TAMARINDO saw lots of turtles here eating in the seagrass. Found carribean snapping shrimp in anemone (I have learned which anemone to look for) and temp the shrimp out, at which time he will loudly snap his big claw. Very loud for a 1 inch little shrimp, which is also known as the pistol shrimp. Saw octopus here, as well. If you proceed to the left and closer to the point you will see the coral propagation area by CORALATIONS. Be careful of the rocky point, as current can be swift here during high tide. Lots of juvenile fish at Tamarindo. Almost like a nursery.
CARLOS ROSARIO my family hiked over there but it was too rough to snorkle the day they went. I dove this site several times.

Vicki in Tennessee

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