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The current weather in Culebra

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Re: Culebrita
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Tim S (
Date:   03-31-11 16:57

We were on Culebra in February. We did take kayaks from Zoni to Culebrita. You should definitely watch the winds, boating and seas. We canceled the kayak trip one day because of rough forecasts. We did go on Sunday the 20th and the kayak ride over and back was great. Pack everything in dry bags. You will get some swells over you kayak and supplies. Make sure you take plenty of water. Let me say it again, make sure you take plenty of water. Try freezing a 2 liter bottle the night before. We took 4 liters for 2 kids and 3 adults. Take food if you need to snack. I also took rope to help pull on kayak with less fit riders and used it on the way back.

There is one nice big sandy beach (Playa Tortuga) and other beautiful sandy strips to relax and snorkel from. Plan to land your kayaks here....

Google Earth it.

and take the trail to Playa Tortuga. Kayaking to Playa Tortuga makes for a longer trip and you would have to navigate some tricky reef, possible damaging the reef, which nobody should do. You can take a trail spur from this trail to the lighthouse. Other spurs off this trail will take you to the rough shell beach on the east side of Culebrita.

I could easily spend the entire day on Culebrita, kayaking the shoreline, snorkeling, hiking the few trails, nature watching, etc.

Do it on a weekday/non-holiday if possible. Partiers tend to flock to Playa Tortuga at those times. Boating traffic will be less on the crossing from Zoni to Culebrita.

Ken at the Culebra Bike Shop can rent you kayaks and let you know if any days would be good/safe for your party to make the trip. He would know, because he wants both you and his kayaks to have a good safe trip. He may only send you if your party is more than 2 kayaks for safety reasons.

And make sure you take plenty of water.

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