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"Hotel" Puerto Rico
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: anna mijalski (
Date:   03-06-11 19:09

Lonely Planet lists this “hotel” as the cheapest lodging option (“bottom of the quality pile” and “ this hotel gives new meaning to the term ‘long in the tooth’”) on Culebra. But dear friends, beware, this hotel is practically and technically NOT in operation. I just spent five nights there (February, 2011) being, as far as I know, the only occupant of the establishment throughout my stay. This by itself, of course, does mean anything but coupled with the fact that the hotel does not employ any staff (reception area / cleaning staff), it should give you the clue, that if you happen to call them, they will gladly take your money without providing regular (expected minimum) hotel service.

Do not mind “rustic” conditions. While traveling, generally prefer to minimize the cost of stay in favor of the length of the stay. Stayed in all kinds of accommodations including the most rustic of rustic campgrounds in the past but the conditions in Hotel Puerto Rico are simply unsanitary. The room and bathroom were disgustingly dirty on the move in day (by that I mean crusty with dirt including the toilet dirty in “that” way), and they were never cleaned through the duration of my stay, despite my request for someone to clean at least the bathroom area. No one ever showed up.

They charged $65 a night (the going rate elsewhere starts at $80 for very decent room, I am talking about something that I actually saw) so just $15 less which does not exactly make it a bargain. If you are a student on a budget, go to the Flamenco campground where you can sleep 20 feet from the beach for $20 a night. If you are someone else on a budget, I am sure if you can afford $65 dollars a night, you can probably afford $80 a night.

Hotel Puerto Rico is a ghost hotel. The only thing that is real is the ever-present but totally disgusting dirt and the absence of the people who took your money.

P.S. There is only one kind of water. Guess which one it is.

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