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Culebra Bike-Kayak Tours
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Alan Majka (
Date:   02-25-11 08:20

If you want to spend your limited vacation time waiting around for someone who doesn't show up for multiple appointments, Ken of Culebra Bike and Kayak Tours is your guy. He's right next to the Dingy Dock. The large print on his sign says "Always Open", but there is a smaller "Almost" preceding the "Always". We ended a great snorkling experience earlier than we would have otherwise to honor a 3:00 meeting time with Ken. When we got to his shop on time, it was closed and there were others also waiting to do business with him. A phone call revealed he was at Zoni. Forty five minutes later, we found him on the road to Zoni and made another appointemnt for 5:00 pm. At 6:00 there was still no sign of him at the designated meeting location. If you have unlimited resources and time "island time" is a quaint excuse for irresponsiblilty, but when you've saved for a vacation and want to make the best of your limited time, it's inconsiderate. On previous trips, we found Dick's older bike rental service to be more reliable: (787) 742-0062

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Alan Majka 02-25-11 08:20