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possibly moving to Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jen Malik (
Date:   02-22-11 12:27

Greetings. I used to live in Culebra from 1977 to 1986. I was a little girl and my parents ran/operated a successful busines; Villa Boheme during that time.
I attended escuelita from nursery through third grade. I am still in touch with some of my childhood friends......BUT I am looking for ALL the Help I can get!
I wish to move my family (myself, husband and six year old daughter) to Culebra. I have not visited in 14 years. My father went back about eight years ago, and told me of the big changes, but also how lovely it still is.
My heart still belongs to my little childhood paradise. I seek an expat lifestyle, my husband and I have many different self-employment possibilities but I have so many questions I need to talk to some one who lives there now.
Please tell me if you think acupuncture for the commnunity at a LOW cost, massage on the beach, owning and running our own retreat style lodging, hoop dance at various places like flamenco ect and selling hula hoops (go check out my facebook for pics of what I am talking about for the hoop dancing) might be of ANY interest to those visiting or livnig on the island. We also teach healing movent classes; yoga, QiGong, KungFu, we are artists and I also do children's wool animal puppet plays and hand made wool toys for all ages. .....anyone? anyone? what is it LIKE down there? Am I totally diluded in thinking we could fit in there now?
We wish for a simple simple life...way far away from America and all the subburbia madness.
Thank you

You can only be where you are

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