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Re: Jerry's Jeep
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Debbie (
Date:   02-05-11 16:41

Did you research the options before you got there? If you had used this forum, you would have been able to determine the differences between the two companies. Jerry's is affectionately known as Jerry's Heaps, and they are PERFECT for Culebra. We've been renting from him for 10 years, and last month, we had our first ever breakdown in one of his cars. 10 YEARS! ONE breakdown! He maintains those jeeps quite well. It sounds to me like you must have done some damage to the vehicle you rented, and if you didn't work it out with insurance, then he was forced to charge your card. This is part of the rental agreement. Have you talked to him about the charge? He's really good about answering his phone.

As for Carlos Jeeps, I would be terrified of damaging one of those shiny, new behemoths! But if that's your style, then you have a choice next time.

Happy Diving!

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