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Rental car on the ferry
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Liz S (87.119.163.---)
Date:   11-26-10 02:35


we're a group of 8 and are planning to visit Culebra in the end of January. Do you know if there are any car rental companies who allow their cars on the ferry? We would like to drive from San Juan to Fajardo (on the way see the El Yunque Rain Forest etc), then on to Culebra and also drive around in Culebra, too. So it would be ideal if we could use the same rental cars...

If no rental cars are allowed on the ferry, can you please advise on the cheapest version to travel from San Juan to Fajardo, then to Culebra. Later we're planning to go on a roadtrip through Puerto Rico main island.


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Re: Rental car on the ferry
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Herb (165.134.205.---)
Date:   11-29-10 14:19

Search the forum, this question has been covered thoroughly.

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Re: Rental car on the ferry
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Linda H (
Date:   11-29-10 17:55

For a group that size, check with John or Henry to see what they would charge to take you to Fajardo from SJU. Their contact information is on this forum under Transport/Getting There/Get to Fajardo. The ferry is the cheapest way to get to Culebra. Flying is quicker and you can avoid the long publico ride; for one or two people the taxi or publico fare plus your time make it more feasible to fly. You are limited on the amount of luggage, though, so if you're taking snorkeling gear, for example, you'll pay more to fly.

You can also check into renting a car one-way at SJU and dropping it off in Fajardo, or renting in Fajardo and dropping at SJU. That way you can do El Yunque, etc. There is a drop-off fee for one-way rentals, but I've found the cost of rental plus drop-off fee to be roughly equal to John or Henry. On the other hand, you are on your own in the SJ traffic and finding the ferry docks. We have used Enterprise both trips, but Avis also does one-way rentals. I have found that you can't do one-way rentals to Fajardo via the car company's websites, though -- you have to do it by phone. You'll also need to let them know ahead of time if you need a ride to or pickup from the ferry docks.

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Re: Rental car on the ferry
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Frank S. (
Date:   11-30-10 01:22

you can book one way with avis on their website.
the drop off city is ceiba not fajardo.

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