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Thoughts of moving to Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Tammy Ledden (
Date:   04-08-10 14:45

I visited Culebra for the first time this past mid March for two weeks,, and absolutely fell in love the minute i stepped off the ferry i had this feeling of mental, physical and emotional peace of mind. I felt like i had belong there. I am currently living in New Jersey and have grown up here my whole life. Living really close to NYC and the fast paced cut throat lifestyle that comes with it has gotten very old to me and makes me ultimately very unhappy. I have been feeling like someting is missing in my life.
I am a beach person, love the ocean and everything thats lives in it. The ocean is amazing to me and little to no people understand the magnificance of the ocean. I am a pretty good fisherwoman, and love to fish every chance i get. Being in Culebra i got to snorkel and i did it everyday, it was beyond what workds can describe. I mean i was swimming with the fishes..many of my friends dont understand my connection to the ocean and the life that exist in it, but i feel at peace when im surrounded by it. So i lost my job and im thinking maybe this is my chance to start new somewhere else, somewhere that i love and feel is the right place. But i dont even know where to begin about moving forward with that decision. I dont remember really seeing any apratments on the island of Culebra. Does anyone have any advice on where to stay , if there are any apartments, the ease or difficultness of finding a job. Anyone with any advice would be appreciated.

PS: trying to get down there late june for my bday for another visist.

Tammy *Fishgirl*

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