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Re: Fajardo to SJU + camping q's
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Tori (
Date:   02-27-10 19:04

I will be there for spring break as well! My experience with the cabs from Fajardo to SJU was not good. My suggestion is renting a car and driving back, stopping at El Yunque, which is pretty neat. There is a car rental place close by and they will pick you up though its not a far cab ride either. Right near the car rental place there is a drug store, if I remember correctly a grocery store as well. Though there is a store on Culebra that has basically everything you could want. I purchase my fuel for my camp stove once im there, and its never been a problem. The camp ground staff is super friendly and helpful.
I know a lot of people that use the publicos but its easier for me to take a cab and split by 4 on the way there and rent on the way back.

Good luck! Maybe we will see you down there!

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