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Place to stay & spread music...
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jonah (
Date:   01-18-10 10:08

Hi everyone,

For the last few weeks I have been traveling around the virgin islands and Puerto Rico. Along my trip my goal is meet and network with people in local communities to bring some of the bands/Djs I work with to different places in the world. I am also searching for bands/Djs from the places I visit to bring them to different places to perform as well. My dream as a touring musician is to play the far corners of the globe and I feel others have the same dream. My goal is to spread music. I have gotten so much positive support along my journey from many club/ bar/restaurant owners, musicians, local promoters and good kind people that support my idea. I currently have numerous acts I am working with all of whom are super talented and some very established touring acts that we all love to dance to! As my travels are very 'go with the flow' i have decided today to come to culebra to continue my musical journey. I am on a super limited budget and have no tent. If someone can help me with a place to stay for a few nights I would be happy to give you some money or I can help out with whatever you may need...I am willing to work. I am
a good respectful courteous guest and a chill laidback guy. Please feel
free to check out my music at I am taking the 3 pm ferry today, please feel free to call me at 828 216 2233. I am grateful
for all those that can help me out, give advise on people
to meet, places that have music or any other info. Thank you
and hope you all have a beautiful day, can't wait to be on the island :)


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Jonah 01-18-10 10:08