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Re: are there any nude beaches here?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Terry Spalding (24.224.116.---)
Date:   07-24-09 21:40

steve e, We just got back from a week there last week. I am sorry I can't answer your question about the lagality of being nude, but I thought I would weigh in because we saw three different couples nude on the beaches during the week. One couple was on the end of Flamenco beach by the tank nude and was trying to be not seen. Another couple had Carlos Resario beach all by themselves untill we walked up. They were way out in the water nude with swimsuites up on the beach and she went to get the suites and they put them back on in the water. The third was also at Carlos and they were at one end of the beach and us at the other. During the day we looked over one time to see them naked and running into the water. So..... legal or not, it sure does happen. We were on one beach or another six days straight. We had some of them all by ourselves sometimes for hours. Terry and Brandy

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