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Re: Rum
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jeannie G3 (
Date:   05-06-09 14:30

Hola! Ah Rum, one of my favorite topics. You would think I'm a big consumer but, as a matter of fact I'm not. I'm just very loyal to the product. Bacardi paid some of my college tuition. Years ago, they gave a percentage of their earnings towards higher education funding and scholarships. I was, back then, a lucky recipient. Yes, I second the advice to visit the Bacardi factory. It is located in Catano, a 15 minute car ride from Old San Juan. Great informational tour and you get to sample the product at the end. My picks: Bacardi Superior and Bacardi 151, this latter one strong but nice for sipping.

Ron del Barrilto very nice sipping rum. The longer you let it sit in the bottle, the darker it becomes and it's quality improves with time.

There is also Don Q, which from time to time it's sales surpass those of Bacardi, Ron Llave, Ron Castillo and Palo Viejo. Try them all.

There is also the famous Puertorrican Moonshine or "ron canita o pitorro" Read my contribution about in:

Remember, if you drink, don't drive. Be safe and happy travels! J


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