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The current weather in Culebra

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Re: Shopping
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Linda H (
Date:   04-13-09 15:02

We were in Culebra the week before Easter week, and I would like to let everyone know we DID NOT encounter any of these types of practices. Yes, prices were a little steep on the island compared to Fajardo or San Juan, but let's remember that nearly everything has to be shipped to Culebra -- it's not made or grown there for the most part. And have none of you ever experienced the sudden increase in prices that occurs during a busy time? In Washington DC over the 4th a few years ago all the street vendors on and near the mall raised their food and ice cream prices by 50-100% on the 4th compared to the days before and after. Why? Because they could, the weather was hot, and there were enough of us suckers with hot, thirsty, hungry kids that we grumbled and paid the price.

We stuck out like a sore thumb in Culebra because we were clearly Anglo and spoke little Spanish, but we felt welcome for the most part. A couple of vendors were somewhat abrupt, but I tend to believe they probably didn't feel comfortable making small talk in English. The one beach we had trouble finding the first time was Melones, and someone pulled over and offered directions when they saw us on our bikes examining a map.

Just wanted to counter some of the negative stuff posted here. And yes, we shopped at the Galeria!

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