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Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Janet Peterson (
Date:   04-11-09 16:56

We just came back from a week’s vacation in Culebra. What can we say? We fell in love with the place. The beaches are truly breathtaking and the island’s atmosphere is wonderfully laid back and friendly. Our only bone to pick is with the Galeria Gift Shop in Dewey. We went there to pick up a couple cheap souvenirs before we left for home. The wall-mounted shelves near the door were so precarious that one of the shelves fell while we were there - and none of us had touched it. The owner quickly ran over to access the “damage”. We helped her pick up the wooden sharks that had slid off and watched while she batted us away and angrily put the shelf’s support back in its slot. When we laid our items on the counter to buy, she growled in her southern drawl that we broke one of the sharks and, therefore, we had to buy it. We were flabbergasted - we didn’t even touch the shelf that fell. We ended up forking over $17.00 bucks for a tiny wooden shark. What makes it worse is that when we arrived back at our house, we saw that it wasn’t even broken! She swindled us into buying it! I want to emphasize that EVERYONE on the island was amazingly nice and friendly. Judging by her drawl, this old gal was from Texas and definitely wasn’t a native Puerto Rican. Why would anyone EVER want to buy a Culebra souvenir from some angry American down there to make a buck??? Just a warning — don’t shop at the Galeria Gift Shop!!!

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