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surfboard rentals surfing Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: BrianO (
Date:   03-31-09 18:02

Look- I know there is surf in Culebra, tho it may not be Rincon, at least north Culebra is still very much exposed to North based swells, and after reading some older posts that verified Culebra actually has some surfable spots- I want to surf it!!
I would surf the PR mainland where crowds are probably more acceptable but I'm staying in Culebra this Fri-Mon for a cousin's wedding, and leaving shortly after.
After studying Surfline I know that last weekend was EPIC for PR, and that this weekend looks like a solid 3-5 ft. NE swell will be out there, so my question is- is that enough for Culebra?
I ask this because I'm going to hunt out surf there, expecting that there might be some, but spending $200 to bring a board from the US may not be worth the gamble, or if I was taking the ferry I might grab a board at a shop in playa Fortuna or somewhere but I'm taking a small flight from San Juan so really no chance for rental on the main island- so- will anyone on that island rent a surfboard?
Look- I know the Culebra locals are protective of their secret breaks so you don't have to tell me where to go, but maybe you would be kind enough to say something like- "get a board somehow- no rentals here- it will be worth it."
And if you're even kinder someone might even send me a PM offering to rent me a board and show me around?
At the least, tell me not to even bother if the locals will hassle me for hunting out the best breaks. I don't want to disrespect in any way.

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Re: surfboard rentals surfing Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Debbie (
Date:   03-31-09 18:47

Ask at Heather's (the local pizza place) if someone can get you in touch with Nestor Romero. He might share (ideas, not his board). I don't believe you can rent a surfboard anywhere on island. Boogie boards, yes. Surfboards, no.

Happy Diving!

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